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Post 2 - Part 1: Section 1f

By Melissa Lashelle posted 06-24-2021 09:52 AM

  1. These questions provide students with an opportunity to synthesize their thinking.  It also creates a collaborative classroom in which students take ownership over their learning.  
  2. It is important that staff to know that ALL learners benefit from high-level questioning, and that we are doing a disservice to our students if they are not exposed to multiple levels of questioning. It would be helpful for grade level teams to plan together and really think about the wording they use when questioning students.  Using a DOK wheel that contains the key words used in all levels of questioning is helpful.
  3. I plan to provide professional develop to whole staff during our weekly SIP meetings.  Then, breaking it down into smaller pieces during weekly grade level meetings, and really digging deep into the lessons and assessments.
  4. Use checklists for informal observations and then meet with teachers as soon as possible after that observation to review  and discuss the checklist.  Require teachers to include their pre-determined questions in their lesson plans.