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Update on impact of coronavirus on ELN

By Drew Thomason posted 03-27-2020 11:13 AM


Ed Leaders Network General Update 

We have a considerable influx of school districts seeking access to Ed Leaders Network, which is great! ELN is an excellent resource for remote professional learning! Due to the volume of requests, uploading staff and granting them access to the Learning Management System is taking longer than usual. Additionally, because of a larger than normal number of users wanting to take advantage of ELN, responding to support tickets is taking longer than usual. As we work through the queue of both uploading staff and support tickets, we appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Illinois Specific Update 

Please note that access can only be implemented by ELN staff. Individuals should not create their own accounts as this can actually slow down your ability access ELN. If you are requesting access for your district, have updates for your district's staff, or if you need an individual account setup, please email [email protected].