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Equity and Diversity Resources on ELN

By Arlin Peebles posted 02-02-2021 11:57 AM

Equity and diversity in education is an important topic for us here at Ed Leaders Network. We believe this work to be fundamental in the education of our children and the future of our country. To that end, we have put together some helpful resources on how to bring equity and diversity into your learning communities. The live webinar recordings below are publicly available on YouTube. The on-demand courses are available on our Ed Leaders Network learning management system, which public educators in Illinois can access for no charge through our partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education.

LIVE Webinar Recordings
The Emergence of Equity, Race & Cultural Diversity Initiatives Positions in District Level Leadership by Nathaniel Rouse
The Inclusion Solution by Markenya Williams and Devon LaRosa
Family and Community Engagement: Redefined, Refocused, Reinvigorated by Femi Skanes
From Words to Action: Your Response to Racism in Schools by Cheryl Watkins, Tron Young, Lisa Epstein, Jacob Gourley, and Paul Kelly
LGBTQ Students and Staff: What All School Personnel Need to Know by Brian Vega
Equity and Access: Setting the Stage for Successful Conversations by Brian Vega

On-Demand Courses
Journey Toward Anti-Racist Education by Carolyn Strong
Bias and Micro-Aggression in the Classroom by Carolyn Strong
Anti-Bias Education by Tim Dohrer and Tom Golebiewski
Introduction to Cultural Competency by Sherri Jones
Evidence-Based Funding: Getting to Equity and Adequacy for Illinois Schools by Gary Tipsord
Diverse Learners and Differentiating Instruction by Joan Rhodes